N. Krammer
In February, 2017, I found a house I wanted to buy in Jaco, Costa Rica. Doing so would only be possible if I found some way to use my IRA. I had heard that it was possible to set up self-directed IRAs in which it was permissible to hold hard assets, including bullion, works of art and real estate. But I had no idea how to do that or indeed, whether it would be possible to do from outside the US.

My real estate agent referred me to Kevin Walters.

Kevin was very helpful right from the beginning, explaining in broad strokes how the process would work. With the assurance that it was very do-able, I went ahead and made an offer on the property. Once it was accepted, I contacted Kevin again to ask him to assist me through the process itself. For a nominal fee, he did exactly that.

He made introductions to people I would need at every level, while making it clear that I could use anyone I chose to do the work. If I had attorneys, accountants and/or bankers who I trusted to handle the transaction, I should use those. So I contacted them all, and they all suggested I go ahead with the names he had given me. There seems to be a level of specialized expertise in making these arrangements.

Within about six weeks, the arrangements were complete and I went to settlement.

Kevin remained very helpful to me throughout, patient with my many questions, guiding me through the process and counseling me on next steps and what to expect.

I highly recommend using his services if you intend to purchase property in Jaco, and especially if you plan to do that within an IRA.

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