Lawyers and Corporate Structure

We work only with Lawyers that listen to the needs of each client’s goals. They will guide you to the best strategies for your LLC, Trusts, SRL or SA and have been working with Foreign Investors for years and speak great English.


It is very important that your CPA has worked with Foreign Clients, their entities and understands International Accounting.

This person should also be in contact with you and your on the ground alliances

Bank Accounts

Setting up your Business Bank Account can be a little nerve racking with the How’s and Why’s. We have helped clients set them up both on the US and Costa Rica side.

NOTE that you will need to have “Feet on Ground” in Costa Rica to set up a Business Bank Account. If you choose to use a PoA it is best to discuss with your dedicated Lawyer.

Property Managers

This could be your best friend or your worst enemy! It is VERY important that your Property Manager has the knowledge of Network Marketing,
Accounting Skills and most of all People Skills to name a few.

We feel that we have surrounded ourselves with some of the best in the industry.