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N. Krammer
In February, 2017, I found a house I wanted to buy in Jaco, Costa Rica. Doing so would only be possible if I found some way to use my IRA. I had heard that it was possible to set up self-directed IRAs in which it was permissible to hold hard assets, including bullion, works of art and real estate. But I had no idea how to do that or indeed, whether it would be possible to do from outside the US.

My real estate agent referred me to Kevin Walters.

Kevin was very helpful right from the beginning, explaining in broad strokes how the process would work. With the assurance that it was very do-able, I went ahead and made an offer on the property. Once it was accepted, I contacted Kevin again to ask him to assist me through the process itself. For a nominal fee, he did exactly that.

He made introductions to people I would need at every level, while making it clear that I could use anyone I chose to do the work. If I had attorneys, accountants and/or bankers who I trusted to handle the transaction, I should use those. So I contacted them all, and they all suggested I go ahead with the names he had given me. There seems to be a level of specialized expertise in making these arrangements.

Within about six weeks, the arrangements were complete and I went to settlement.

Kevin remained very helpful to me throughout, patient with my many questions, guiding me through the process and counseling me on next steps and what to expect.

I highly recommend using his services if you intend to purchase property in Jaco, and especially if you plan to do that within an IRA.

Retired Property Investors
Kevin Walters helped us buy our beautiful condo in Costa Rica. We shopped for 5 days, and in that time, he not only showed us condos, but gave us an informative and personable introduction to Jaco, the surrounding area, the people, food and culture of Costa Rica, and particularly, Jaco.

As we shopped, Kevin was readily informative with facts, such as the type of construction, or if beach erosion was an issue, or how much the HOA fees were. He often knew if these fees were about to increase or if they had just been increased. If we had questions that he didn’t know the answer to, and we surely did, he came back with answers quickly. Kevin communicated very well, and he never made us feel inept, dumb or that we were a bother.

He negotiated a “never before” price, and helped us with the purchase process. It is a process. An attorney is required, as is an LLC. He introduced us to an attorney whom we found very easy to work with. He introduced us to a banker, who was very helpful in sharing the mortgage process, for those who aren’t Costa Rican. This information confirmed our original decision to use our IRA LLC for a full price purchase. Kevin introduces us to a very patient CPA, who explained the tax liabilities, tax season (October 1 – September 30), and who, after we made our purchase, walked us over to the bank and assisted with our opening an account.

In short, we would recommend him as a realtor, and he’s a pretty nice guy, too.

Banker / Global Property Investor.
I have been buying investment properties in the UK and in Australia for over 10 years now. In 2010 I went to a large Property Expo in Melbourne Australia and was lucky enough to come across Kevin Walters who was promoting US Investment opportunities.

We talked for quite a long time and from there had several more meetings. Eventually I travelled to the US to see what it was all about. Before I even boarded the plane, Kevin had me in contact with US Lawyers, CPA’s, Bankers and Property Managers, this made me very comfortable.

I was given more information about the Phoenix area in 1 week then most people would know even living there. At the end of the day I have added 7 US Properties to my portfolio using the systems that Kevin has set up.

If Kevin has set up half the alliances in Costa Rica that he did for us in the US you will be on your way to a great investment.

Athlete Representative
In 2013 we desperately needed several vacation properties for Spring Training in Arizona. After meeting with several realtors and weeks of frustration I called a friend for HELP! That friend put me onto Kevin Walters and within 1 hour (after most realtors working hours) Kevin picked me up and met with me until we had “a plan”. We
were very lucky as he was currently in the US doing an Investment Property tour with clients from Australia.

Surprisingly the next morning we had meetings set up for much better locations for myself and clients.
Since then we have taken Kevin’s advice on the Phoenix area, suggestions in the Seattle area and now we are considering the Costa Rica market for Vacation Rentals and Investment Opportunities.

With Kevin, you will not only get his knowledge and attention and if he does not have the answer or the contacts he makes them right away for the benefit of who he is working with.

We look forward to meeting him and his TEAM in Costa Rica very soon.

Contact us for your Free 20-minute consultation to really narrow down what you really are looking to achieve.

Kevin Walters


CR Direct: +506 8433 5683

WhatsApp: +506 8433 5683

US Direct: +1 480 525 2660

Skype: john.kevin.walters

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