Ok it is NO secret that Costa Rica is the flavor of the month, year and soon to be decade especially with Conde Nast Magazine naming Costa Rica the Best Travel Designation of the Year!

This place I call home and have for 3 years is getting the well-deserved attention that it has needed for years.

First of all it is NOT a Third World Country.  Yes, we have running water, street lights, cable television and even wifi.

All jokes aside, Costa Rica is truly amazing for so many reasons here are just a few

  • International Airports with direct flights from Europe, US, Canada, etc
  • Rich in Biodiversity
  • Huge diversity in tourism
  • No Military
  • Coffee is unreal
  • Some of the world’s best beaches
  • Named Worlds Happiest Country
  • And Sloths!

The Europeans have caught on and now there are several carries from the other side of the pond.

I have heard both, “it is more expensive than I thought” to “it is really cheap here.”  Obviously, you can stay at the Los Suenos Marriott resort for $280 + a night or a Hostel for $12 and everything in between

It is actually very affordable.  All you need to do is do some research or know some one of the ground to give you gui

dance; Where to Stay, Where to Eat, What to Travel with, How much to Tip, How to Rent a car so on and

so forth.

At the end of the day it is never too early to start looking into rates for that family vacation or even the more and more popular “Solo” traveler

Contact me anytime for ideas on where to stay and what to do


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