I have been buying investment properties in the UK and in Australia for over 10 years now. In 2010 I went to a large Property Expo in Melbourne Australia and was lucky enough to come across Kevin Walters who was promoting US Investment opportunities.
We talked for quite a long time and from there had several more meetings. Eventually I travelled to the US to see what it was all about. Before I even boarded the plane, Kevin had me in contact with US Lawyers, CPA’s, Bankers and Property Managers, this made me very comfortable.

I was given more information about the Phoenix area in 1 week then most people would know even living there. At the end of the day I have added 7 US Properties to my portfolio using the systems that Kevin has set up.

If Kevin has set up half the alliances in Costa Rica that he did for us in the US you will be on your way to a great investment.